Our Products
Wuyue offers top notch design and technology and professional consultation, free of charge, no strings attached, at your house.
  • Double Glazed Blinds
    We can make the blinds Power-driven or Manual. Also it is good use, high quantity. Our company has the FGMTM and we closely screen all raw materials andmandaterigorous quality contrel inspections at critical pointsduring the production process to ensure the highestsandards.
  • PVC Blinds
    PVC Blinds, with the advantage of easily clean, is becoming more and more popular used in every house. It is also solid and cannot be broken with large radian. You have two choice "C" and "S" shapes. And more sizes and patterns.
  • Roller Blinds
    The clean lines of a roller blind offers elegant yet functional window blind solution. Created in house, our beautifully fabrics create a focal point in any room.
  • Spring Blinds
    With spring instead of cord, we make our blinds more security especially for children.
  • Zebra Blinds
    Zebra blinds is also known as the Soft curtain, Double roller curtains. The use of double layer fabric can adjust the light, does not occupy space.
  • Rome Curtain
    Rome blinds can be classified as folding form, fan form and wave form according to the shape. A comfortable effect can be built by using Rome blinds.
  • Honeycomb Curtain
    The function of UV protection and thermal insulation can effectively protect the household products. With anti-static finish, the blinds are easy to wash. The honeycomb blinds are much easier to use than those traditional ones because of the rope hidden in the hollow layer and beautiful appearance.
  • Lola Blinds
    Lola blinds use wood beam and hemp paper. The fabric look straight, fully displaying the fabric texture . It makes the room classical.
  • Pleated Blinds
    Fold shape, so that the sun and the reflection of the sun's area is larger than other large curtains 1/3, unparalleled shading effect, but also has a good sound insulation effect.
  • PVC Louver Window
    PVC Louver Window ventilate the room and keep the it sunligt. It can be any color you like.
  • Vertical Blinds
    The blind gets the name from the upper rail, and they can be adjusted left and right freely for the purpose of sunshade. The vertical blinds are beautiful and simple with bright and light lines.
  • Screen Blinds
    Screen blinds is a very high-class window covering. Application: villa, home, office, conference room, commercial building interior shade.